Progressive Pro-Education Group Calls for ECOT Investigation

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio Legislature looks the other way, while the ‘ECOT snakes’ throw away money from kids. That assertion from the main speaker at a press conference in downtown Columbus.

The progressive group Innovation Ohio held the press conference two days before Independence Day, calling for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to launch an internal investigation into the failed online charter school.

Stephen Dyer, Education Research Fellow at Innovation Ohio, says he had just been talking about how Biblical the scandal is. Dyer contends that ECOT, while school districts around the state are struggling to make sure that they can actually clean their buildings and replace windows, ECOT is busy buying crystal apples from Tiffany’s.

William Good, a 10th-grade teacher, holds the sign reading “Know Your Charter .com”, and shouted “stop stealing money from our kids”.

ECOT is accused of spending several hundred million dollars in tax money as they inflated attendance numbers and purchased loads of promotional items.

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